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Sunday, August 28, 2005
TheKillerBiscuit: you fucking weirdo
AlexanderThePoet: and that's actually one of the nicer things I hear :-)
TheKillerBiscuit: haha
TheKillerBiscuit: your funnyu
TheKillerBiscuit: whats up with your website
TheKillerBiscuit: is it meant to be funny or what
AlexanderThePoet: what you mean? well, i write/post/perform perverted poems, have been doing so since '98
AlexanderThePoet: yes it is meant to be funny...but it's funny how some think i take it seriously,lol
TheKillerBiscuit: lol
TheKillerBiscuit: they arent really funny, they just make you seem like a perverted idiot
AlexanderThePoet: funny is a point of view i suppose...all i'm really doing is toying around with 'poetry' as people know it
TheKillerBiscuit: but its not even good at a poetry stand point
TheKillerBiscuit: so i dont get it
AlexanderThePoet: lol...i guess i can't please everyone...even the hottest babe on the planet repulses some guy... see, there's a crowd that finds poetry boring cause it's dull and monotonous....so fine, i try to spice it up, and they still end up hating it, lol
TheKillerBiscuit: i dont like you much
AlexanderThePoet: i can respect that
AlexanderThePoet: how did ya find my site btw?
TheKillerBiscuit: BAH
TheKillerBiscuit: lol my friend was looking for poetry
TheKillerBiscuit: and she found that
TheKillerBiscuit: and it offended her a whole lot
TheKillerBiscuit: so i decided to talk to you
TheKillerBiscuit: but no you have to be all understanding and shit
AlexanderThePoet: ah..the power of the internet search engine!
AlexanderThePoet: so wait..you're pissed that i'm understanding? lol
TheKillerBiscuit: yes
TheKillerBiscuit: lol
TheKillerBiscuit: bye
TheKillerBiscuit signed off at 6:27:23 PM.