Date: Mon, 12 Apr. 2004

Dear Alex the Poet,

your poems are weak 
their content and your mp3's suck
ryhme is not what makes a poem
you sad wanna-be-poet, yuck!

you use a typical A, B ryhme,
but let me explain what I claim,
in almost all your poems
and somehow you get fame.

the things you call poetry
I could outwrite and even out ryhme
and I will do it instantly
if you give me the time

there's no rythme to your "John got some at 3:16"
and there's no rythm to this little piece
however I must admit what are the rules to writing poetry?
I guess that's what makes it so prestige

so a challenge I ask
it's a challenge I seek
too write poetry and then
prove that I am not meek

I hope you accept my challenge
and remember it's all in good fun
but Alex my friend
when it's all over, you'll wish you'd won!


Adam (the poet)


Date: Mon, 24 Nov. 2003
Found this at , a user on livejournal by the name of, Facepuller posted my "Stuffing You...On Thanksgiving Day" poem, along with a pic of me. These are the additional comments he made:

this guy writes with a skill unparalleled in the world of guys who will never get laid but compromise by writing ham-fisted odes to all the sex they will never have. I have officially added poets that wear any kind of hat to my kill list


Date: Wed, 12 Nov. 2003
Found this at;f=43;t=002098;p=4 , some poster posted a link to my "When She Played With My Cock" poem and added this:

Yeah, just don't go looking at any of the others cause they are, well, pure shit and awful!


Date: Thu, 23 Oct. 2003
Found this at 

A very talented man (ahem) : found by Teaseress on 23rd October 2003 17:32:48
This man will get far, in his own mind anyway.. 


Date: Thu, 28 Aug. 2003
Some comments on my chesthaired heart by users on livejournal

i can't believe someone would shave arrows in their chest hair...and the bulge is a bit lacking, too

Doood, it's a heart...which is even more disturbing than an arrow would have been. Mmmmm he is soooo sexy! I wanna get all up on that greasy heart chest hairiness. meowr.

Does this beasty thing happen to have some sort of contact information so I can tell him to promptly put his fucking clothes back on?

he's got a rooster thong...O_O not to mention man-boobs (?)
I must say, I'm traumatized for life now.


Date: Sat, 19 July 2003
If you scroll down you will see a pic of me with 2 girls. This is what the poster wrote about me:

here's a scary guy with a girl pawing his furry belly, which was one of this things google spat out when i searched for the inkwell. i hope we never see him on any of our dates there


Date: Sat, 12 July 2003
Posted on their main page

Alexander the Poet (frankly I've seen cucumbers with more poetic ability than this guy)

Alexander the Poet - possibly the most pathetic website ever devised... give him sympathy hits, people!


Date: Wed, 18 June 2003
From a poster 'Jamacia' at 
Post he wrote on me

I agree, his poetry is pretty bad. But that's what happens when English is your 2nd language. Worst things is that he's somehow found a way to do this for a living. I wonder if he realizes how bad he actually is. The man gives poetry a bad name.


Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 
From: Bridget in Illinois

no offense = your poems aren't dirty. they're horrible. it seems like you wrote them all in under a minute.